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deco decided to dabble a bit with wings3d again.

easy enough to get running.
grabbed the linux binary
gunzip wings-0.98.32a-linux.run.gz
sh wings-0.98.32a-linux.run
then moved the dir from home to ~/opt/ and changed the ROOTDIR variable in the wings shell script to reflect this.

problems i encountered in earlier versions are still there ... when moving something via entering a value (select move then hit TAB) you can only enter a relative not an absolute value
as for writing plugins Erlang still seems to be the only way.
guess it's a way to encourage users to learn the language so they can contribute to wings itself ... alas i can't get my head around it.
last time i needed plugin functionality i just exported to a .obj file and worked directly on that with good old C++ :/

it's a nice enough program nonetheless ... still my favourite 3d-modeller