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For some time now we have those subway trains with tv screens here in vienna. They show news, ads n stuff. It's really only a small compensation for not being able to look out of the window (and see something remotely interesting).

But while thinking along these lines ... it would be interesting to make a computer enhanced video which simulates the subway having a submarine periscope which shows whats going on above the street level. this way one could get a much better feeling for the surrounding, distance travelled as well as the new position, which exit to take etc. it would also definitely increase the touristic appeal of subways.

well just some of the stuff thats going through my head

dunno why i think about that right now but does there exist some sort of dictionary, lexicon thing which tells you what certain things and their parts are called. like of a barrel, a stave etc. i'd find that incredible useful but if there is such a thing nobody ever told me