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decoration history books, webpages about history, wikipedia etc. ... all fine

what I'd like to have is something a bit different though ...

I want history information in a more systematic manner ... suitable for automatic processing.

the system should on the basis of this information be able to draw all kinds of maps ... borders, economic data, front lines and army positions on a specific day, literacy levels, trade routes etc.
also visualising lack of data

that would be great

as we never know what really happened a good basis for such a beast would be a data structure that doesnt say what happened when, but instead tells you who said (based on which chain of sources) what.
so you could choose to either trust some default or finetune your trust settings to get your result.
that way you could even get some approximation of what people at some point in the past thought about their past. something like that would be fascinating to play around with. if it would be able to handle such things as someone proclaiming that hundred years in the middle ages are fake ... that would be awesome.