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So custom game controllers are getting pretty common ... at least in the console space.
Guitars, Dance mats, drums, Wii, ...
My own take on this:

scifi, space: capital ships ... we've attacked them, flown them, built them, ran around in them ...
Usually in different games though and I've yet to play a game that unifies these aspects.
been thinking a bit about what a filesystem would look like if I were ever to attempt to design one.
would be interesting to have a log of successful/failed builds of ones coding projects with timestamp. might show interesting connections between time spent coding and concentration decrease. should look into getting scons to do that. might even exist already.
bookmarklets are kinda fun to play around with.
should be possible to write to encrypt/decrypt messages on webpages ... for use in forums, webmail etc.
might give that a try ...
deco would be nice to have a site that allows people to collaboratively keep statistics about something.
average delay on a trainline - chances of being caught dodging the bus-fare in city X ...

deco map sites like google's and others should provide a function to shade the image based on the current ( or specified) sun position
two news items:
  • the case where it was declared ok for police to search your trash
  • an analysis done on the water of the Po river indicating higher than expected cocaine abuse in the area.
quite obvious what to expect next:
decoration history books, webpages about history, wikipedia etc. ... all fine

what I'd like to have is something a bit different though ...

For some time now we have those subway trains with tv screens here in vienna. They show news, ads n stuff. It's really only a small compensation for not being able to look out of the window (and see something remotely interesting).

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